The term HPC (High Performance Computing) service describes the use of a supercomputer or computer cluster to solve complex operation problems. HPC application is currently used in industries such as biomedical science, natural resources, financial service and manufacturing for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), molecular modeling, genome analysis, numerical modeling and so forth. Science institutes conducting researches on physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and material science are also the beneficiaries of HPC application. HPC service provides the necessary computer infrastructure when processing a vast quantity of data and enables high quality data analysis without a hardware system for data processing.

IAANSYS was the first in South Korea to build an AWS-based – Amazon Web Services, the world’s biggest cloud computing company – HPC service platform. Our platform offers VASP program execution environment for DFT (Density Functional Theory) suitable for use in metal, material science, chemistry and physics industries.

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By carrying out an IO-based workload combined with a big data solution that enables companies to save and process a large data set, IAANSYS provides a customized service for our clients via our HPC solution to help solve complex science and engineering problems in business.

Our clients may enjoy the following benefits from our HPC services:

1. Affordable cost: Cheap flexible charging method will help you save your time and money on organizing and running an HPC cluster. The cost can be best reduced by choosing a tariff system that suits your taste: on-demand instance, reserved instance or spot instance.

2. Flexibility: You can add and remove computing resources whenever you want depending on the amount of workload.

3. Whenever, wherever: You can optimize efficiency and extendability of your work system by starting computing work with a simple API or other management tool and automating workflow. With our service, you can access your computing resource without having to queue up.

IAANSYS has provided its first HPC application at AWS marketplace.
It is StarCluster image that is ready to run VASP(Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package) application.
Now you can run VASP application on AWS very easily.