“Cloud computing” refers to network-based service which transfers IT resources on-demand via internet.

In May 2013, IAANSYS was registered as an AWS (Amazon Web Services) consulting partner. Our 24 members of AWS-trained technical staff and 4 of AWS-trained sales staff offer top quality Cloud Migration, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, New services and Cloud Computing Operational Cost Optimization services to our clients.

1. The phased approach for cloud migration is as follows:

cloud migration


2. For cloud migration, the following information is needed prior to its implementation:

– The relevant system options and structure
. H/W: CPU, Memory, Disk
. S/W: OS, Web Server, WAS, DB
– H/W and S/W composition
– The relevant system data usage
– The relevant system network traffic (per month): number of Requests, outbound transmission data capacity, average outbound data capacity per transmission

The following benefits will be provided to Amazon cloud service users, and IAANSYS ensures that the custom service for our clients is run in the most efficient environment.

1. No startup cost for infrastructure: replacement by affordable monthly cost – Constructing on-premise infrastructure can be costly and time-consuming. All the expensive hardware must be purchased, installed and ready for use long time before it is required. Cloud computing will reduce the time spent on these activities to zero; all you need to do is pay for the resources you use in a way you prefer.

2. Affordable maintenance cost: reduction in the overall IT cost – Choosing the Cloud Computing service will help you reduce the overall IT cost. Not only can you continue to enjoy the service at a consistently low cost due to the economy of scale and increased efficiency made possible by Amazon, you can also optimize the costs for constant as well as variable workload by opting for various tariff systems. Cloud Computing will also significantly reduce IT costs and offer highly distributed functioning platform at a much lower price than the existing infrastructure development cost.

3. Flexible data capacity: no need to estimate the infrastructure capacity – It is not easy to predict which form of application each client will prefer. Limiting the capacity before distributing the application often leaves firms in undesirable situations where they have no choice but to leave expensive resources idle. This capacity deficit results in low client satisfaction unless more resources can be purchased. Cloud Computing can solve these problems by provisioning the necessary resources, which makes it easier to expand capacity when required. Unnecessary resources need not be used and paid for.

4. Speed: faster application development and distribution – Relying solely on the existing infrastructure to supply and manage a server can take weeks. Prolonged process becomes inevitably less innovative. Cloud computing, on the other hand, allows the firms to provision as much resource as required. This makes it possible to distribute hundreds or even thousands of servers in just few minutes without any further support. Such a self-serviced environment will quicken the application development and distribution process and encourage the team to create innovative solutions.

5. No application management: focus on unique business project – With Cloud Computing service, you can transfer the resources required for investment in data center and its management to a new innovative project. This will allow you to channel precious IT and engineering resources to innovative business projects rather than to IT and infrastructure management that is far from differentiated business running albeit crucial.
6. Global support: application distribution across the globe within minutes – All the firms ranging from startups to global companies should be able to reach out to their potential clients across the globe. With the existing infrastructure, it is difficult to ensure the same high quality service to all users and the businesses limit themselves to one operational region at a time to reduce time and costs. Cloud Computing will change this current climate by allowing companies to easily distribute their application to specific zones or the total of 9 AWS regions. This means minimum cost, less delay for clients and better service environment.